Where should I choose the most beautiful golf trophy?


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In competitions, the prize giving ceremony of spiritual encouragement that the winners always want to receive are certainly golf medals. It records the efforts and efforts of that individual or group. Each tournament will have its own commemorative medal and the golf cup is one of them. In this article we will learn all the information about it.

What is a golf cup?
Referring to the souvenir golf trophy, everyone knows it because it is often used in big ceremonies such as beauty contests, awards in sports competitions, or intellectual competitions, .... Golf trophy is also an indispensable item in golf competitions.

Not as popular as in football and basketball competitions with other large numbers of players and participants, cup golf is a modern sport that originated in Scotland in the 15th century, players will use many types of clubs to hit the ball into a small hole on the golf course so that the number of hits is as small as possible. Cúp golf

The Open Championship is Golf's first major tournament and is the oldest tournament in the world also known as the British Open, first played in 1860. The later golf tournament became more and more popular. and since then clubs or competitions take place with more frequency all over the world. That means golf cups are also more commonly used. Depending on the nature and size of the tournament, there is an appropriate choice of trophy in terms of material and size.

What types of golf cups are popular today?
Golf is a special sport that is different from other sports in which players use clubs to play, golf is relatively popular in Western countries and because it costs a lot of money to make a playground area as well as buy a set of golf clubs. sticks, so this is considered a noble sport. Therefore, most golfers are business people, people with status and money.

Golf tournaments are often held between middle- and upper-class people to meet and exchange. Therefore, it is very important to choose a delicate luxury gift for the prize. Currently on the market there are many beautiful and meaningful golf cups:

Golf trophy made of crystal
People will choose crystal cups with a height of 30cm or more, on which they will make trophies by engraving a golf player image as a symbol, accompanied by a logo and content dedicated to each tournament and each cup. Crystal golf is usually suitable for small-scale tournaments. Crystal golf cups are usually small and not as big as other cups, so the cost of golf cups is not high compared to other cups and the production time is also fast.

To choose a beautiful crystal golf trophy, we not only focus on form and design but also on crystal quality, a crystal golf trophy is a cup made from K9 crystal with thickness, finish The large structure, hardness, dispersion and transparency are better than k7 crystal, and the light refraction and reflection are also better, making the trophy bright and sparkling, attracting viewers as a highlight of the event. Awards.

Bronze golf cup
In addition to crystal golf cups, bronze golf cups are a smart and great choice for large-scale, highly social golf competitions. Bronze golf cups come in many different sizes, but most of them will have a more massive design and design than crystal golf cups, due to the higher base, more than that, bronze cups often have a bowl-shaped body. spread and the plating for the cup will be copper, gold or silver, which adds to the value of the tournament.

Contract and crystal golf trophy
This is a perfect combination on every line, this golf cup model is currently very popular, it has a copper body design, surrounded by crystal decorations as accents, most golf cups end A mixture of copper and crystal often has a bowl-shaped body structure, the size of which is usually smaller than that of a bronze golf cup. With such a characteristic structure, this golf cup model is suitable for all major and small tournaments, with diverse designs and rich forms, with a quick processing time of 5-7 days. Therefore, the golf cup combining crystal and copper is the first choice of customers in today's tournaments.

Where should I choose the most beautiful golf trophy?
Unique and diverse golf cup at Binh Minh
Every trophy is a symbolic image of the event, so no matter which trophy model is selected, the organizer of the tournament also wants to convey a certain meaning and also wants the cup to be an item to mark the milestone. success for the season.

High quality crystal golf cup

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